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Mp3 of me playing Ricercar 84 by Francesco Canova da Milano

'Wie Soll Ich' by Bach. I arranged this for the lute on the grand staff.


An piece created with csound, and some of the sample sets found below.

A Small collection of Csound helpers from
Toby Shepard (


A python library for the creation of complex csound scores.


Splits voiced sections out of a soundfile into separate files. Useful for sampling an
instrument, or perhaps splitting songs from a recording of an lp.


A utility that can modify INSTRUMENT CHUNK parameters in an AIFF file.


Csound score generator for use in creating percussion tracks.

Sample Sets:

A collection of aiff sample packages for use with loscil


Command line 'vu meter'. Filter which displays amplitudes of a raw or .WAV sample stream in ASCII.


Fixes wave files that report the wrong length in header. Great for use in conjunction with command-line recorders.


slabin and slabout are paired programs that provide command-line access to SLab data files


An infant translation of the Cscore library to Perl.
Check it out.


My cat whining for food. Reasonable quality, mono wave @ 44100Hz. 243598 bytes of annoying meow.