Version 2.04 was put here on Feb 15, 1997

Drumachine is a program which translates a simple drum-pattern description file into a CSOUND score. It is useful in the creation of percussion tracks with csound, ranging from the trivial to the extremely involved and complex. I have compiled and tested the program under Linux only.

Drumachine now supports time-variable volume and tempo changes. This means that the creation of Crescendo/Decrescendo and Ritard/Accelerando is now very easy.

Download drumachine2.04.tar.gz (~215k), should you be so inclined. The archive contains a Linux executable of drumachine, and the source code from which it was compiled. There is also a selection of drum samples included in the archive (AIFF), which should enable one to get started on her way to creating gourmet percussion tracks with drumachine.

If you like, you can sneek a peek at the manual, which is really a working drumachine score at the same time. The same score without the manual-devoted portions may also be viewed should one wish to know what it is like to look at a more typical example of a drumachine score-file.

The release notes detail new features and bug-fixes from rev to rev. Reading it can help one decide whether to download a new version.

Thanks to Charlie Baker ( for his contribution of a port for NeXT (black/intel): drumachine2.01.NeXT.tar.gz . Please notify me as to any other succesful ports so that I can include them on this page.

Let me know what you think...

Last updated on Mar 29, 1997